How Does a Radio Frequency Handle Work?

Radio Frequency Handle

How Does a Radio Frequency Handle Work?


A monopolar radiofrequency device features an emitting electrode in contact with the skin and a return pad or grounding plate, allowing the passage of RF energy to deeper layers of tissue without damaging surface cells. Monopolar RF technology is currently one of the most popular esthetic treatments for tightening and contouring mild-to-moderate skin laxity.

This treatment can be a powerful alternative to invasive surgeries and can be used for noninvasive body contouring, reducing fat and Cellulite as well Radio Frequency Handle as tightening skin. This type of RF device is considered one of the strongest available for skin-tightening as it can penetrate all the way through your dermis and elastin layer, tightening the tissue and stimulating collagen production.

During this treatment, the RF current heats the fibromuscular structure of the dermis and fibrous septae, resulting in immediate skin tightening. In addition, the RF treatment induces subsequent collagen remodeling, resulting in further skin tightening and firmness over time.

In this study, 11 subjects with skin types III and IV received a single session of monopolar RF on the face. Before and after treatment, skin biopsies were taken using hematoxylin and eosin, Masson trichome, and Victoria blue stains for evaluation of histometric changes. Compared to control biopsies, the hematoxylin and eosin results showed an increase in elastin fiber density and an increase in the diameter of the collagen fibers in the papillary and reticular dermis after RF treatment.


With a bipolar RF Radio Frequency Handle handpiece, energy is conducted in and out of the skin between two electrodes on the same handpiece. This configuration offers better control and distribution of energy for superior efficacy compared to monopolar or unipolar machines.

Unfortunately, bipolar RF is typically too superficial and cannot effectively target deeper structures like scar tissue, deep dermal neoplasms or spider/thread veins, even when a combination of cooling, vacuum suction and multi-polar modes are used. The main reason for this is that in a bipolar machine, the electrical current will take the shortest route from the positive (plus) to the negative (minus) poles, which means it will only travel through the outer layers of the skin and its contact medium.

To investigate the effects of bipolar RF, we tested various combinations of monopolar and bipolar treatments on in vivo micropig skin and ex vivo bovine liver tissues, and examined time-dependent histological changes in vascular structures and hair follicles. We found that when a monopolar mode is applied before the bipolar one, it pre-heats the tissue and reduces its impedance, which may enable bipolar RF to pass through the tissue more easily. As a result, the MM+BB treatment achieved significantly more noticeable histological changes in the skin and in the dermal neoplasms of the bovine liver compared to the MM or BB alone.


The Tripolar system combines radio frequency energy and dynamic muscle activation in one treatment. It simultaneously heats the dermal and subcutaneous layers of skin, tightening the tissue for a more toned appearance and encouraging collagen production to improve elasticity. Additionally, the selective heating of the hypo-dermis and fat layers accelerates natural body processes to eliminate excess weight and liquid fat from cells.

Unlike mono-polar and bipolar systems, Tripolar technology utilizes three electrodes on the treatment applicator. This allows the electric current to be centralized and focused. This helps prevent side effects that are seen with other RF treatments and ensures more effective results.

This revolutionary system can be used to treat a variety of problem areas, such as cellulite, stretch marks, scars, and the dreaded “pockets of fat” that are difficult to remove with diet and exercise alone. To help achieve the best results possible, we recommend following up with a series of Mabel 6 treatments at one week intervals. This will encourage continued internal fat removal and a more effective sculpting process. If you are interested in learning more about how Mabel 6 can help you re-contour your body, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We offer a number of different packages to help you get the results you want.

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