Radio Frequency Handle

Radio Frequency Handle

Radio Frequency Handle

What is RF?

In electronics, RF is the frequency range above audio frequencies and below infrared frequencies (from 30 Hz to 300 GHz). This is the spectrum used for wireless communication signals. RF transmissions can transfer either analog or digital information. The information is transmitted by changing one or more properties of the electromagnetic radiation produced, such as amplitude and phase. This process is called modulation. RF signals can be focused in one direction or broadcast in all directions. They can also transmit through walls more easily than infrared signals, which require unobstructed line of sight.

Unlike some other types of radiation, RF energy doesn’t break apart atoms or molecules. Because of this, it doesn’t pose a threat to living organisms at power levels typically found in our environment. However, it can cause heating at high levels and this could lead to tissue damage in certain circumstances.

RF energy is used in many applications, such as warming leftovers in microwave ovens and industrial heating and sealing processes. In some cases, it is used a part of the treatment for certain diseases and conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, where it helps to relieve pain, increase mobility, and strengthen the muscles and joints. It is usually combined with other treatments such as cavitation and ultrasound. The RF energy can also help to stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow which can speed up the healing process.

Treatment Areas

If you have loose, sagging skin, especially in the neck Radio Frequency Handle area, arms and abdomen, RF is an excellent option. This treatment is safe, effective and relatively painless.

The RF hand-piece heats the upper layer of the skin to a temperature between 38-40 degrees Celsius (the face treatment uses a smaller probe to avoid the delicate eye area). This thermal energy stimulates collagen and elastin production, which tightens your skin. It also causes the contraction of existing collagen fibers, which results in an immediate lifting effect.

It’s not new, but it is one of the most innovative methods for achieving the appearance you desire without surgery. It tightens and firms your skin, minimizes textural issues like stretch marks, and even’melts’ fat (when paired with HIFU).

During the procedure, you lie on a treatment bed while the RF machine is set up next to you. The clinician applies a thin layer of conductive gel to the surface of your skin and then slowly glides the RF hand-piece over your skin in circular motions. You may feel a slight warming sensation or tingling, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

As a result, the RF procedure delivers visible improvements to your skin in less Radio Frequency Handle than an hour with minimal discomfort and no downtime. The best candidates are middle-age men and women who have started to see signs of a loss of firmness in the skin.

Side Effects

Many procedures in cosmetic medicine are based on the principle of a “controlled injury.” With radio frequency, radio waves pass through the skin to heat the underlying tissue, which causes a controlled burn. This triggers the body’s natural healing response, resulting in the production of collagen and other structural components like elastin. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and tighter.

RF also stimulates the formation of heat shock proteins, including HSP-47, which is able to identify the triple helix structure of collagen molecules and assemble them correctly. Moreover, it encourages the contraction of existing collagen fibers and stimulates new collagen growth, which helps to reshape the skin and eliminate cellulite. It also improves deep skin tissues and promotes vascularization. The regenerative effects of this treatment are long-lasting, and the results become apparent after several sessions. This treatment is ideal for middle-aged women who are starting to notice the degradation of their skin’s elasticity.

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