Caiwei CW-A9+Wifi Projector

Caiwei CW-A9+Wifi Projector

This projector is now Discontinued. It has been replaced by the Caiwei CW-A9+Wifi Projector.

Multiple inputs support notebook and desktop PCs, Blu-ray players, VCRs and digital cameras/camcorders. Energy conscious features include an OFF timer, Computer Synchronization and an Auto-Keystone Correction function. The easy-to-use tab-style onscreen menus and remote control make operation a breeze.

1. High Brightness

Whether you’re playing games or watching a movie, the brightness of your projector is an important factor. A high brightness allows you to see the details on your screen without straining your eyes.

Generally speaking, a projector should be around 3,000 to 5,000 American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lumens for an average room size. Moreover, an optimum lumen size often depends on the ambient light and screen size.

Many factors can cause your projector to lose its brightness. Performing simple but effective maintenance routines can significantly improve your projector’s brightness.

2. High Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is one of the most important aspects to consider when evaluating projectors. However, there are several factors that can influence contrast performance, so it is important to understand the nuances of this measurement.

Native contrast is the ratio between a projector’s brightest white and its darkest black. It is a good indicator of the projector’s ability to reproduce both black and white content, but it can be misleading when inflated by marketing claims. ANSI contrast is measured using a9s LCD projector a checkerboard pattern, and offers a more accurate depiction of the projector’s performance in real-world conditions.

3. Wide Color Gamut

When buying a projector, most people get hung up on resolution (4K, 1080P, 720P). But what’s just as important is color performance.

The ProArt Projector A1 is factory pre-calibrated to provide vivid FHD visuals and is Calman Verified for industry-leading color accuracy. The projector covers 98% sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces with Delta E 2.

The projector has also been engineered to eliminate jittery playback and blurry shadows with MEMC technology. This is especially helpful for presenting in bright, well-lit environments. The projector is capable of maintaining frame-by-frame consistency, even in fast motion content.

4. Low Input Lag

Input lag is the time difference between when a signal arrives at your projector and when it appears on the screen. It’s especially important for gaming, where a low input lag can make or break your experience.

Our a9s has an input lag of less than 66 milliseconds, making it one of the fastest on the market. This makes it perfect for playing console games and other fast-moving content. It also features black frame insertion to remove judder from external 60p sources.

5. High Resolution

WXGA is an unofficial display resolution standard that is a wide variant of the XGA resolution. It is often used on laptop displays and independent displays and projectors intended primarily for use with computers for widescreen presentation.

This resolution is exactly twice the height and width of HD (1280 720), which shares its aspect ratio and 480 scanline count with NTSC and PAL. It is also the lowest common multiple of all HDTV resolutions.

This resolution is best for movies, TV shows and video games. The A9S supports a 120Hz flicker frequency to remove judder from external sources.

6. Enhanced Motion Rate

The Caiwei A9+ LCD projector has native 1920×1080 resolution and 4K support. Its high brightness and contrast ratio makes it perfect for daylight use. MEMC technology eliminates jittery playback so you can enjoy smooth motion even in fast-paced movies or games.

The A9S’s black frame insertion feature is able to remove judder from external 60p/60i sources without additional settings. It also has lower input lag, VRR support, and better gray uniformity. This makes it a good choice for gaming and for use with Blu-ray players that support 24p output.

7. Enhanced Picture Modes

CW’s LCD projectors have a variety of picture modes to match your content and room environment. Simply select the Calibrated Preset button to activate a specific image quality.

With ‘Cinema Film 1’ you get rich color and deep shadows typical of master positive film. Bright lighting is handled well with excellent local dimming and the pixel structure maintains perfect uniformity. The OLEDs looked a little flat by comparison in the beautiful bright daytime home theater projector scenes like desert sand and snow. However, they maintained fidelity with off-angle viewing and had lower input lag than the LCDs.

8. Enhanced Whiteboard Mode

Modern interactive whiteboards allow you to use pens or your finger and often offer higher-resolution images and video than traditional projectors. They can be mounted on a wall or rolled onto a cart and can provide teachers with more flexibility and better classroom ergonomics.

They also don’t require calibration or have lamps to replace, eliminating the maintenance headaches associated with overhead projectors. Plus, they don’t create shadows that interfere with projection and can prevent students from collaborating effectively. They are the ideal choice for a modern classroom.

9. Enhanced HDMI Ports

The a9 supports HDMI output while in photo mode, but you’ll need a software update and a premium high-speed HDMI cable rated for 18Gbps to take advantage of it. There are also USB, optical and headphone inputs, an ethernet port and a 9-pin serial port.

The a9s doesn’t support HDR10 or variable refresh rate technology, which is a disappointment for gamers planning to connect it to an Xbox Series S|X or PS5. However, it does have competitive input lag in Game mode. It’s also equipped with MEMC tech to eliminate jittery playback.

10. Enhanced Remote Control

The remote control of the projector is also upgraded, with a new design that offers easy operation. The remote control can be used to change picture modes, brightness, and other settings. It can also be used to control external devices like sound bars and streaming media players.

Enjoy high definition movies and TV shows with the Caiwei a9s LCD projector. It boasts a native resolution of 1920x1080p HD, and supports 4K. This allows you to view clear, bright images even during daylight without any image quality issues. It also has OriTone and MEMC technology for a sharp, crisp image.

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